• The Synoptic Problem

This document culminates in a Greek English harmony, which solves the Synoptic Problem. It contains -

  1. A chronologically ordered chart of identical events and similar events, called Parallel Events.
  2. Observations of the Parallel Events, which interprets the chart and makes conclusions.
  3. A chart showing differences in dialogue from one Gospel to another, called Differences Compared.
  4. Charts containing the Greek text, which examines each event shown in the Parallel Events considering location, chronology, and dialogue and arrives at a conclusion as to whether the event is identical of similar. It is called Detailed Examination.
  5. The final document is a Greek, English Harmony, which proves that the Gospels do not contain error.

Anyone who teaches the Gospels needs to have these documents to be able to teach them to a sufficiently high standard.

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The Synoptic Problem

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